My path

I sit alone in the dark and whisper to myself, “You are worth waiting for.” I rock to the sound of the wind outside and know that my guides are by my side. Redirection is not the answer, continueing on this path. Timing is key and I am all too aware of the wait. There is beauty in this path, there is fear, and there is faith. All these things will bring us to be where we need to be…there is a future in waiting, there is hope in waiting, there is happiness in waiting.

My path brought me here and now I am working on me. I have scoured myself worth and replaced it with me. I am working on closing the wounds and dealing with some inside issues. I will never be perfect but know, I am all yours. If you accept me as I am, you will be loved like no other…but I know that all this comes with a price…waiting.

I close my eyes and whisper to myself, “You are worth waiting for, as long as it takes.” I will wait till the day I die, I won’t veer from this path. This path is divine created and cradled by angels. I know to be true that one day the wait will be over and I will be with you.


Tortured heart

I sit here wondering what I did to deserve this tortured heart. My time with you was so much more to me than it was to you.  My idle brain wanders to you daily. My thoughts are all if you. You captured my beating heart in a jar and you watch it flutter. I wait for the day instead of returning it, we exchange jars. I will carefully handle your heart and give you my soul. My torture is internal and sullen. Wake up and come to me as you promised.


My heart aches this time…there is so much pain I feel. You left me sad and broken. I will be patient and I will wait. Divine forces are at work and life is nothing but timing…I’m still tangled and you are still searching. Rest your wirry head on my breast. Love is found in us.

Pain Is Beauty

Pain is beauty because all I ever feel is pain. You envoke it in me and continue it on. I don’t handle this world perfectly and I don’t handle you well. You appear to me and show me what this world has to offer then you drag it away. I am not ment to be happy and I know this. I am not sure why you appear to me at all. You hurt me, you hurt me all the time and because I love you, I accept it.

I am being dragged to the depths of hell this morning. I am confused and upset and still don’t know why you are doing this to me. Its the cycle of our relationship, I love, you hurt, you run, you come back, I take you back, I love, you hurt me, and so on…I am fueled this morning with upset, I am fueled this morning with confusion. I love you still even though you hurt me and call me names. I have never not uncondtionally loved you and I always will.

Remember the times we were the happiest, remember when I put a smile on your face, remember when you laughed out loud at our silly jokes, that is us and we will return there one day and seek even more than that. I am here and will always be here, I found my purpose and I am walking that path…I seek my elevens and will continue to see them. A soul of one, a body of two, divine life is blooming before us and a merge will happen before you know it.

The Stars

The stars are aligning right at this very moment, they are pulling in forces to bring us together. You may not have a choice in this, I know I don’t. This was all decided before we were born before we were created. One soul, two bodies, this is what we have both been waiting for. True love and a lifetime of each other. Never to feel alone again, always knowing the one that holds your heart is next to you always. I love you and always will, I didn’t have a choice in the matter, it was all decided long before we met, long before we both knew each other existed. We are one soul and two bodies. The moment of embrace will change our lives forever…