Last Breath

No matter the distance in heart and mind, I will always miss you and love you. We are a tangled bundled of love and energies revolving around the planet. I sit and I wait. I will always wait for you…my last breath i will wait for you.



It came to me today that in all this time and in all this world what was never given to others will be given to me. I worried about all the laughs you gave, the kisses you gave to the other women but the one thing you never gave them was your heart. A gift so precious you just don’t give that away. You just don’t give that to just anyone and I know, in the end, I will get that gift, a gift no one else on this earth will receive. A love so deep, a love so intense, that it could only be meant for me. A love created by God himself and a love only meant for me. Because I know this love exists, I will wait for you. No one else in this world will know the love shared between two souls but they will see it, they will feel it as we pass but they will never know the deep connection that this love will reveal to us when the time is ready.

I Wait

I wait for you to figure things out. I wait for you listen to your heart and not your fear. I wait for you to hear from God what was created for us. I will wait for you to see what faith can do for those who have it. We were created for each other from a single soul. We have spent life times searching for each other. We are now in that time we bound ourselves to. I am ready and you are not. You look to the fear in your heart instead of what is in your heart.

I will wait for you because that is what love does. It waits for the right moment to reach out and fill your heart. You are confused and misguided but I know that God will reign on us at the right time. He will fill our hearts with the love that was conceived in us. My love you are the only one in this world I want to spend my time with and God knows that all to well. I see the signs daily that this path is what we are on is the correct one. I will wait until you feel the presents of God to move to you to me. The heavens will rejoice the day we come together and give our hearts to each other.

I love you and because I love you, I will wait for you.