I miss you…

Broken melodies flow from my head. You speak to me like im dead. I am here and I miss you…the torment I feel is the only happiness I know. Your lips are sweet, your hands are beauty. You prey on my emotional state to get what you want. A grim future awaits…you think the other side is greener but when you realize what you had, it might be to late. Don’t forget the happiness you deserve awaits you in my twisted heart.

Karma Fuels Me…

The karma you have is pretty apparent. You hold a gun with no trigger and all you want to do is shoot. I laugh because you think you are doing so well and you aren’t. You are crumbling on the inside and trying to look poised on the outside. Really did you think that abusing me would be a good idea? Forget that I even said hello to you. Your death wish is going to come quicker than you think.


This is not your funeral…

The one that holds me captive has given me my love for music back. “Zombie” by We as Human continually haunts my spirit. I am asleep, living a sedated life, my fire is gone and not sure where I have gone. What am I fighting for? Right now I’m fighting for me. Fighting to know what the hell happened in the last few months, years of my life. The world is ever changing and not a constant but really why should we lose ourselves in its evolution. I know this is not my funeral but if you aren’t living your life are you really alive?

A haunted spirit of lies has grasped my tortured heart. The wounds are deep and they bleed profusely. I thought you were there to bandage me back up but you carved a deeper road into my already bleeding heart. What torture did you bring to me today? I do love the fire in your eyes but why are you stealing mine. I hear your laugh, I see your smile, but it was all stolen from me when I woke from the dream state you kept me in. I hurt for the me that used to be here, but it’s been so long, I’m not sure which me I long for. I am a troubled soul with much desire to wander in my aimless dreams. You drown me..the air is thin. Not worth breathing in the life that you present before me…take your spoiled self away from me. I can no longer see the road set out before me.



This page is to be a place for my random thoughts, my hurts, my feelings, my desires, my everything. My life has been filled with much love and much pain. I am a Scorpio and with that comes a world of passion for many things. For people, for music, for love, for life…but that can also be a curse.

I place my heart in my hand for you to take but instead you crushed it. From the depths of pain I rise to live another day. You made me love and hate myself all in one breath. I conceal my pain and live in it daily. My world was created for me, by me, and you will never penetrate it again!