You are the mistake, not me. All those times you made me feel worthless should have told me to run. The heart wants what the mind doesn’t. I can see this clearly now. You threw me away and this time I’m strong. I can break free, I can find someone who will truly love me. I will never again feel like someone’s worthless mistake. I will be the, one in control. I will be the one who feels the freedom in love, not the freedom of controlling someone. Love should not hurt, but you figured out a way to make it hurt…Good Bye Mike Smith. The only thing dear to me now is the freedom I feel from these broken chains.

Heart strings

My heart is hollow without you. I hate that you have a life besides me. I willfully follow you and quietly wait for you. But never again…my heart strings will be played by someone who actually has a heart…


You are completely selfish. You always talked about you…never allowing me to say a word. Your focus was always you and seeing that now is great. Never again will I allow a man to make himself the total focus in a relationship…there are 2 and both should be heard.

Good Bye

I dont hurt. I’m not sad. You served your purpose and now I’ll serve mine. I feel a sense of freedom now. Getting out from under you is freeing. I can go on without you. I have seen what is out there and it is far better than you will ever be.

My battle

The pain of missing you compares to nothing…this feeling sucks…I don’t know what happened today and why this hurts so much right now…fear…upset….depression….I don’t know my love, I just don’t know.

Missing you

There is nothing harder than feeling like you are so far away. When the time we share is less than perfect. I hate it when I miss you when you aren’t there. A lot of our lives are spent together but when you aren’t there….something is missing from my heart…from my soul.



My heart breaks with each passing day I spend with you. I love to be in your presence and spend time with you but all I feel is helpless. I can’t do anything to change your mind, to look my way, to look at me like you do her. I fell hard and I hurt because I see you finding happiness in another. I love you, my dear Sir. Time will not heal me as long as you aren’t with me.

Glass House


I bath in the glory of your spilled blood. My body weeping with the pain you thrust upon me. I will never return to that pool of hate. You allowed me to drown but today you are the one that is going to die. The shadows of my heart will swallow you up and suffocate you. Don’t return to me unless you want the smile of regret to permeate your rancid soul. You are playing a dangerous game with me. In the end, the only hurt will be smeared on your face, not mine. Watch me as I slash the time we spent together with a single word of hate. I can’t bare my soul to you any longer. The glass house you live in will be shattered by the lies you are beginning to believe. I am haunted by you and my body aches for my final breath. In this life and the next. I will remain silent as you walk past me worrying about what could have been.

Take it all away


I drown the angelic eyes in pools of blood. Sobbing profusely into a jar of hate. The savages of this day are brainwashing me into believing there is hope. It was all shattered the day you turned your back to me. Sinking to my knees, prayers did not bring you back. I mark my skin with each day you are gone. Daily reminders that you are not coming back. I haven’t forgotten the words that poured from your mouth as we slept for one night in perfect peace. I rummage the halls of my heart to find empty promises lingering still. I don’t understand the words you speak to me as you have a smirk on your face. The temptation to slice your throat is always at the forethought of my mind. Be careful, you now sleep with the devil, while I lie awake at night never sleeping, wondering how this all came to be…

Forget me not in the days to come, I was not the fallen angel you made me be. I am still the one that blessed your presence with love and serenity. Jaded minds and broken thoughts, you can’t take my rage and make it to something it’s not. I love you the more you hurt me. I am a Scorpio and the passion I have to give is more than you can handle.



Each word you speak is treason to my heart. You know what I want but you continue to shatter my soul. I never thought I would find someone so perfect, only to see the lack of emotion that runs your blood cold. It hurts my heart to see the viability in your soul turn sour because your hunt is all game. You collect your jar of hearts and put them on the shelf. Pulling from them daily and whispering the lies you create into them. Your review of love is tainted and you think that anyone will polish it and make it better.  You can fix the broken, you, yes you, continue to destroy them. The only guarantee in this life is me but you would rather take a chance on a soul that has melted your mind.