I sit in quiet with my eyes closed and meditate on the future. I feel the clawing in my hands of the past coming through. I didn’t know the torment of the past would continue to haunt me. Dragged and beaten, my head is quiet and still waiting. The sting of my soul is no longer vibrate as it was. It’s missing one piece, it is missing you…There is nothing worse than the torture I feel of you being so far away. My days are long and my nights are sad. I can’t do anything other than think of you and wait.

I can’t breathe today, I literally can’t breathe. The lack of sleep is what is killing me or do I sleep too much. I have to pass my time with something better than the pain I feel. You are my remedy and I am yours. One day it will be swallowed and all of this will be long gone. A true smile will be seen and my heart will be red again. It will beat with pure love and I will never have to feel this way again. I am not going anywhere….not now, not ever, when you realize that, you can stop running from me…I’m yours!



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