Take it all away


I drown the angelic eyes in pools of blood. Sobbing profusely into a jar of hate. The savages of this day are brainwashing me into believing there is hope. It was all shattered the day you turned your back to me. Sinking to my knees, prayers did not bring you back. I mark my skin with each day you are gone. Daily reminders that you are not coming back. I haven’t forgotten the words that poured from your mouth as we slept for one night in perfect peace. I rummage the halls of my heart to find empty promises lingering still. I don’t understand the words you speak to me as you have a smirk on your face. The temptation to slice your throat is always at the forethought of my mind. Be careful, you now sleep with the devil, while I lie awake at night never sleeping, wondering how this all came to be…

Forget me not in the days to come, I was not the fallen angel you made me be. I am still the one that blessed your presence with love and serenity. Jaded minds and broken thoughts, you can’t take my rage and make it to something it’s not. I love you the more you hurt me. I am a Scorpio and the passion I have to give is more than you can handle.


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