Glass House


I bath in the glory of your spilled blood. My body weeping with the pain you thrust upon me. I will never return to that pool of hate. You allowed me to drown but today you are the one that is going to die. The shadows of my heart will swallow you up and suffocate you. Don’t return to me unless you want the smile of regret to permeate your rancid soul. You are playing a dangerous game with me. In the end, the only hurt will be smeared on your face, not mine. Watch me as I slash the time we spent together with a single word of hate. I can’t bare my soul to you any longer. The glass house you live in will be shattered by the lies you are beginning to believe. I am haunted by you and my body aches for my final breath. In this life and the next. I will remain silent as you walk past me worrying about what could have been.


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